To these high-quality synthetic base oils we add our proprietary Active Cleansing Technology.


It is blistering deserts that push oil to extremes

WTPetroleum is dedicated to sustainable growth in the Petrochemicals market and focused on the global physical trade and distribution of polymers, olefins, and aromatic petrochemical products. We achieve this through a combination of physical off take and marketing agreements, olefin-to-polyolefin tolling, and select investment in high-yield strategic assets throughout the petrochemical supply chain.WTPetroleum’s comprehensive understanding of evolving dynamics within the global petrochemicals market allows us to effectively manage risk and optimize value in the commercial transactions we undertake. Our competitive advantage is our history and expertise in Petroleum Engineering & Design that brings value throughout the petrochemicals supply chain. We do this by working with our producer partner’s to optimize their plant capabilities while offering our customers the opportunity to buy from a balanced raw materials product slate at competitive terms with optimum availability and efficiency.